Killing Dreams, Why These Dreams?

I hate gore, and i hate hurting someone or some animal. I hate violence! Though i've had dreams of killing people or people trying to kill me, since i was 18. Very disturbing, graphic, gory dreams >.< WHY?! last night i was fighting two midgets we all had big knifes, i cut them all, their arms, fingers, sometimes keep a list, depending on how strange they are. Anyone shares this? I've always had a conflicted life, they tend to get more common if im having a conflicted day.
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I had a strange dream last night someone invited me and my friends and there was a girl running away and so I start running away because he was after blonde hair and dirty blown or brown........

I tend to dream of massacre and death, while I am more masochistic than sadistic, though the former sadistic urge to lay harm faintly remains. The worst part is that I never seem to be harmed, save a few minor scratches here and there, but I always end up taking so many lives. These dreams disturb me on no end, and I would love them to stop, but I can not control them.

ummm well i obviously have asked people around, and nobody has had them, and the few that do its usually something that happens once or twice a year, or a short period of time. Mine are frequently since i was 18. My brother also has them but much less, though he is violent.

Your leading a violent fantasy life. Its normal, just your much more animalistic self acting out. Its not unusual, everyone has one. You seem to be in control of yours. Don't freak out too much at the violent dreams.

Actually i have a pretty healthy diet, and i exercise plenty lol, im sort of a health freak -.-' its very rare when i get sick of something, so doubt is my health...

they tend to be disturbingly graphic....things i don't even want to say on this website, eugh

i get that sometimes too and like you it happens when i'm having an especially rough time. mine keep having a reoccurring theme of me needing to do something important to save someone but then not knowing what it is or how to do it and then ending up failing. it really does suck but, what i've found works for me (i know it probably sounds stupid) but, smelling lavender or something lavender scented, it helps you relax and also oddly enough not eating before bed, i get the strangest dreams if i eat right before bed. hope this helped