The Devil & I

I've been having sex dreams, of me and the devil. Its crazy cause its not like im "trying" to have these dreams, they just come on their own. I personally feel that its weird since im not a devil lover or atheist. At first it was a succubus with a deliciously fire feeling, penetrating tail and then it was just a really hot guy devil (me and him did it on top of my ex). I have no clue why i dream about this...its not like i have some kinda festish or fantasy about it...well except for that one time i watched this arnold shwartzenegger movie where the devil tried to screw this lady....but that was just that one time...
TynkaRubix TynkaRubix
18-21, F
1 Response May 28, 2011

Look up incubus demon and succubus. You are not the only one to have such trust me, They are real they are demons and you are not the only one here I came across with having such dreams. From on here and some other sites.