Attack Of The Zombies Part...forever!

Had another zombie dream...not sure if it's just a repressed desire for a real life zombie apocalypse or it meant something else. Worst part is, all I do is hide and run away from the undead. Can't seem to find any weapon to fight them, and it's pretty exhausting to be running all night...mentally, if that even makes sense.

All I want is a good night sleep, yet every night I dreamt of strange creatures or alien's driving me nuts!
hopelessaddict hopelessaddict
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1 Response May 9, 2012

I feel your pain. I used to have nightmares of all kinds of baddies. Including zombies. I had some really bad zombie ones I wish I could forget. All of that changed when I began to play video games. Now when I go to sleep, I hope I have a zombie apocalypse dream. I just remember all the weapons I've ever played with and I pick one. Then voila I have it in my hands. I raise it up pull the trigger and vamonos! I start dropping zombies left and right. Infinite ammo? Yes! The best part is I can protect all my loved ones and even find safe places for them to hide while I go on a zombie killing spree. My advise to you is play more video games. Especially ones with BIG guns. Happy dreaming :-)

Hahaha Thanks for the advice! hmm I stopped playing video games a year ago (particularly house of the dead on wii), my zombie dreams was worst back then LOL...but you're right, nothing's wrong on being prepared for zombie attacks, real or not =D