What Was It?

Last night I had an awful dream, it was about my baby. I was lying in bed and I could feel pain in my stomach, so I got up and went to the bathroom. I wasnt in my house I was back at the crackhouse again. I didnt make it to the bathroom I fell to the floor with harsh pains. It was like my skin was ripping open. All of a sudden there was blood everywhere, I picked up my shirt to see where the blood was coming from, I was a huge open wound from one side of my stomach to the other side. It keep getting wider and wider. I was able to see inside of my stomach, there was the thing, it wasnt human, I didnt know what it was. It wasnt developed all the way. It had hair all around it, eight legs, and it didnt have a face. I felt like I was dying.. It was like I couldnt wake of from it either. Then I saw my babys father hovering over me, with an evil smile on his face. I didnt understand why he wasnt helping, then he picked up whatever it was in my stomach and left me there bleeding. Then thank god I woke up. I dont know what the dream meant. Its very rare for me to have a dream, so when I do I always think that they mean something. Just dont know about this one though..
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1 Response May 16, 2012

its a sign that you shouldnt have this baby, that this baby will suffer because of you. You know what the doc said, maybe you should get it thru your stupid *** head that this baby is going to be abnormal, and most likely die at birth or be stillborn, all because you was still on drugs while you were almost three months and then you went thru all the withdrawals so once you lose this baby you have no one to blame but you self.