The Girl With No Name

In a dream that felt so real, so vivid, I awoke in a vast exspansive field of tall grass. In front of me there was a seemingly endlessly deep pit. I was at a cliffside. Everything around me was very lightly shaded. Dull colors. I heard a whisper and turned behind me. I saw a girl that had been in my dreams since I was a child. I always knew her as the girl with no name. I approached her and she had large black wings and was wearing a white dress. She had long black hair and beautiful grey eyes. She looked at me and said "this is the final time you will see me until death comes upon you my love, but do not fear this. Death is beautiful, just like awakening from a dream you will be back here to see me, we will live upon the clouds and in endless fields forever. But until then I must go" and with that her body scattered into a flock of beautiful black birds that flew away into the sky. I looked around me and dropped off the cliff. Awakening back into cold reality.
Mischel95 Mischel95
18-21, M
Sep 16, 2012