A Savior

I woke up in a forest of red leaves. i spot a yellow river and i walk toward it. I look in it and im a red dragon with red pants on. then a bigger form appears behind my reflection. i turn around and a large green dragon with yellow eyes is staring at me. he was about 10 inches taller than me. I went to move out of his way but he blocked my path no matter what way i went. He then grabs my arm with an iron grip and gets really close to my face. his eyes then glow purple. A great dizzyness came over me so I made an attempt to get away but i didn't move. Then I realise he was hyptnotizing me. he let go of my arm and something was telling me to stay with him. I then blurt out "WHAT DO YOU COMMAND MASTER" I was suprised at myself for saying that because thats not what i wanted to say. he put his hand on my head and pushes me down to my knees while he "prepared" himself. I thought to myself "this cannot end well". Just then a black dragon with blue stripes comes fom the sky and kicks the green dragon in the back. the black dragon, even though he was my height, was kickng his ***. I had an overwhelming need to help the green dragon so I was fighting his hyptomizing effect. I was off balance and stumbling to my right and left. I almost fell into the lake. The black dragon gives him an uppercut that lifted him off the ground. When that green dragon hit the ground, his spell wore off. I ran up to him and thanked him for saving me. I then asked for his name. He said "I am Dragon of Steel". And he winked at me then flew off.
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

I love it! I played that whole scene out in my head as I read it. I wish I had your dreams, they're wonderful! :D Seems this green dragon has a real beef (still), glad that black dragon was there to save you and catch your before the mental fall. :D