Fear..7th Happening...

I wasn't really thinking much about anything under horror or the unknown. I've had at least 7 panic attacks..well what I think is panic attacks out of sleep and in sleep. All with in this year. The last one..lead me to believe it might not have been a panic attack. About four weeks ago, I was sleeping in my room after a long night of packing from getting ready to move, made a bed for my best friend, who was staying the night in my room and we both laid down to sleep. I usually listen to music and do some light day dreaming before getting tired. Anything to get my eyes to close these days. An after finally successfully passing out, not even 5 minutes into the dream, I wake up, my vision was distorted and everything was blurry with a slight vibration to it almost like the room was spinning. All of a sudden there was this over whelming presents that I could sense almost feel standing over me. I can never see this thing, but I can't breath, can barely move, felt like I was really gonna die this time, even felt the pins and needle feeling from loss of pressure. I tried to scream out my best friends name an realized I couldn't and even managed to smack my arm off the ground, wrapping my hand around the bottom of the tray, I kept in front of my door to keep my cats in and tried pulling to knock it down, til finally what ever was going on lifted and I sat up in a gasping kind of scream. It was really frightening and truly is one of the worst "panic attack" I had ever been through. I haven't had any more sense four weeks ago and I pray that I don't.
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