Freddy Krueger Real ?

In this dream i was walking down my old street i used to live on it was late at night and for some reason the whole street was closed off for murders. As i continued walking down the ally i see people nailing t-shirts of missing children all over the walls and garages i had no idea who these children were or what had happened to the street blocked off. I came across my old bestfriends house which is an upstairs apartment. I came across her grandma and she told me i had a job to destroy the evil that caused these children that had gone missing that it was my fate and gave me a knife. When he came to collect our bait my job was to kill him and end it all. We waited and waited untill finally i heard there was a great festival of a whole bunch of people who had been in and out of my life but they all gathered for this festival in the apartment complex. i didn't pay attention tothe balcony at all and there was when "He" came it was a man black as night and dressed exactly like freddy krueger. At first this threw me off track and i was shocked, i didn't know if it this was freddy or not it had been my first dream ever. i knew i had to kill him i i continue to attack him but missed only getting his shoulder and i knew i changed fate, so i ended kicking him off the balcony making him plummit to his death below on a car. I thought he was dead so i went to the ally with the t-shirts of missing children but there had been more put up. i didn't kill him.. then i heard a laugh behind me ,it was him "freddy" i ran and ran through the festival and i knew i would escape so i screamed help but for some reason nobody would look or speak to me it's like i was invisible. everybody that played some part in my life was there ex-boyfriends, old bestfriends, teachers, parents friends, everyone! he finally caught me and as soon as he went to kill me sticking his claw hand in my stomach i screamed help one last time and that last time it woke me up from my dream screaming help in real life... right as he stabbed me i woke up.. his last words were "gotcha" this had me trippin for days
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