A Row Of Strange Dreams Occurring In The Middle Of A Night.

Some hours ago I went to bed as I was really tired and also I had to wake up early the next morning. When the sleeping took over I had this strange dream.

1. I'm talking to two men. They don't look familiar. We are standing in an empty room and chatting in an unknown for me language. Suddenly the light goes out of my sight and when I open my eyes again I find myself cleaning it's face in my current house's bathroom. The room looks like it is really hot due to the water's temperature but in my dream it felt like the prescence of something made it
cold as death. I panic because I can here the water running but I'm totally sure that I've turned off all the switches. I try to leave the room but I find myself incapable of moving my feet. I try to shout but nothing comes out of my mouth. 'Now everything starts to feel like the situation is being held in the real life'. Freaking out. Still trying to run out of the room and when I do, I get this weird feeling like I'm swimming and someone is holding my feets so that I won't leave the room. After some trying I hear a serene sound and...

Real life : I get up from bed shouting. I went to the other rooms to see what my parents are up to and I found them both sleeping. I made a sandwich and I decided to go back to bed thinking that the awkward dreaming has stop for today. But when I fell asleep...

2. Waking up in my bed frightened. Possibly by another dream. I go to my parents bedroom and there's only my mom sleeping and snoring. I wake her up.. She opens her eyes, but I can't break a word out of her. She falls asleep in my arms. I wake her up, she falls asleep again and starts snoring. I go back to my room thinking how strange that was.. Suddenly I hear the snoring getting aggressive.. like an evil sound. I wake her up immediately. The same thing over and over again. She opens her eyes - This time I can see sadness and pain in them - doesn't say a word then go back to sleep and that evil sound thingy. I turn around for just a moment and when I turn back she isn't in her bed but the sound is coming from inside my room. I run back there and I find her standing with closed eyes in front of a mirror making this sound again. I slap her and she hugs me as she open her eyes making a releefing sound. Then..

I woke up again and now I'm afraid to fall asleep again
013wutever 013wutever
18-21, M
Nov 26, 2012