Spiders and sharks.... ATTACK!

Okay, I have this recurring dream where spiders crawl onto my bed and I tear they're legs off (LOL). It is very vivid, and when I wake up nothing is torn but my arms feel realy tired and I can't move them very well. I also have another one where I dive ito a pool but when i come up again it is a lake and my whole family is on this boat. I turn around and see a ridonkulous sized shark swimming twords me so I go after the boat but it starts to sail away. I then become very fast and somehow fly out of the water onto the boat with the shark still folowing as it leaps it turns into a dolphin smiles at me and lands in the water. So I wanted to know if this means something good or bad.... Or am I just a person with a very strange subconsios mind?
kalkeeli kalkeeli
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Well I suppose but I don't THINK I feel like that but then again I suck at reading my own emotions.

...spiders' legs denote connections and family,
maybe you want to cut off family,
but see it won't work,
and they will be the ones being there for you in the end,
not other people.