Death And Deja Vu

i have dreamt of an ongoing war.
my country that's gonna be colonized by a much more stronger country,
typically the people around me we're running at different directions,
a huge tidal wave came the conquerors we're riding on huge waves on full armors and all, they'll be building they're empire on my sandy shore,
they're building it really fast within a few minutes half of it was almost through,
i entered they're lair just out of curiosity,
i admired the crafts and everything on it, then a middle aged woman told me she was looking for me,
heart racing fast, i felt totally scared .. then she bowed down,
she was asking my permission to help them settle there.
that felt absurd, i looked out of the window and i saw a lot of people dead on spears, like dead meat on barbecue sticks...
i kept on crying and i tried to destroy everything they have created,
i went out and helped others, i searched for my family and loved ones,
i want to keep them safe.
and i treated all that were wounded.
i woke up crying.
at the end of the day, news about crashes and wars and people dying bombarded me.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Do you think that the last line, "At the end of the day, news about crashes and wars and people dying bombarded me," might be the source of this dream? I have issues with the news always depicting negative things. Do they not reverberate like a water drop into our society, telling us that murder and robbery and war are all normal, daily occurrences? Daily yes on a global scale, what about friendship, support, trust, and honest? Do they not happen? Also I have thankfully never seen anybody killed, after watching the news I feel like it's something that people experience all the time. No, the numbers that that happens to is significantly low in comparison to the overall population. Why do they do it? Hype, shock value, ratings, money. (Speaking from a U.S. perspective on news like Fox and NBC etc.)

I really am drawn to your last line and yet don't fully understand it. Can you expand upon that?

Wow, I really like that (x2), with this being stated, what is your stance of free will vs. pre-determinism?

1. Only free will, our choices are not merely purposeful pre designed interactions. Thus explaining the reason for chaos.

2. Everything is determined, we really don't make choices they are pseudo illusionary or all come to the same path in the end. Does this bring up conflict with religion being a choice though?

3. If it's merely a semantic issue, than they both can exist, just as we sometimes have options to choose our paths, while other times, our nature, not of ourselves but outward environment can force us to a limited number of options. Also, if free will exists we can impose our free will on someone else thus limiting and temporarily alleviating them of free will.