Evil Girls

the dream went like this .my family was out for the night. ''you will be staying the night with the williams'' my mum said. who r thay i responded. the new family on the block. there been living there for 2 weeks.is there anyone my age? a girl called hannah. 1 hour later i knoked on hannahs house door. she opened there and gave me a lovly smile ''come in ''she said she was in her leotard doing her gymnastics. she looked perfect. we sat down her gymnastics dvd then i wisperd to my self i want to be a girly gymnast. she herd. i can make that happen darius. how did she know my name i didt even know her . she started nuzzling my neck and said come to my room and i will make your wish come true. i followed her mindlessly but it happend like magic. she had a door to bathroom in her room. she runed the bath and added a sect of to the bath . she left me and i had the bath . after that she told me there is a glass of fizzy to drink. she put a pill in the drink. after i had the bath (that made me smell like a girl) i drank the fizzy after that a glow surronded me then i grew brest, my hair chage from afro to long hair then my voice change in to a high girls and i giggled hannah told me that was a girl forever then a dark force surrunded us then more girls appered giggling then i fell into another world. after that dream i leared that i shuld be nice to girls.
dj1leo dj1leo
Dec 9, 2012