White Wolf

I had a dream that i was standing on my porch and there is a woman standing across the street with a white wolf on a leash, the gets aways and starts charging at me while the woman is screaming "run run", but i was so startled and intrigued by how white and big the wolf was i just froze. The wolf jump on me and he is wrapped around my neck and there was a voice that came to me that said stay calm and I then began to gently rub the wolf back and it changed into a man with ble eyes and he took something (i cant remember what) but said "that was all that I wanted" and dissapeard and then I woke up. Can anyone help me interpret this dream?
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I have no gift to interpret dreams. But your writing about your dream and your spiritual experiences and recent feelings reveals a little of your fear and uncertainty.
That reaction is natural and especially as we live in society that on one hand allows for variation and on the other hand is so dismissive of taking it seriously. Many of the saints and holy men and women of the past, would be in medications today or locked up! Joan of arc, St Augustine, Mohammed, Buddha and Jesus would have a harder time of it today!
Try not to fear, seek out some understanding people. People who understand with their hearts, not their minds! Use your intuition and learn to trust it.