Clues Not Clear

I saw a world in utter destruction and people living in a war zone lifestyle. I walked around looking for the reason for this chaos and destruction and came to a large cave or cavern which a man met me at. He led me inside where I was in an arena and saw beings sitting in bleacher type seating and a throne in the center. I saw a serpentine being sitting on the throne though he had different faces and changed them every few moments. The man who had led me in looked at me and told me "the clue is in his name "uci" or "uni"". I told him I did not understand and he showed me a six pointed star and pointed to the left up-most tip and said "this a clue". Once again I said I did not understand and he looked at me, handing me a sword and said "do what must be done". The serpentine being came off the throne toward me with a smile and the dream ended.
Rael85 Rael85
26-30, F
Jan 7, 2013