Seven Countries

I found myself looking down at the earth and a voice saying to me this is as the earth was and we have been here from the beginning. I saw two angelic beings on each side of the world reigning fire down onto it. Suddenly I was looking at a map of seven countries/territories side by side along the edge of a sea. On each of the countries/territories was a marking claiming it for God. Two names caught my eye and continuously repeated themselves Mesopotamia and Phillipi. I saw masses of people fleeing to these countries and asking me where to go and hide in them. When I awoke I looked up Mesopotamia and Phillipi and the map showed them along the same sea next to all the other countries/territories in perfect precision matching up to my dream although I had never seen this area on a map before.
Rael85 Rael85
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

The signs are pointing you to me because you should love me!

I am not really sure that is what it

Interesting. Do you know how you got this vision/knowledge?

I do....I would prefer to share in private if that is ok

Of course! Do you mind messaging me...? I'd love to hear.