Two More Strange Dreams

The first was a bit scary, I was babysitting a toddler I usually watch, we were in her house alone, and they had a pet golden retriever (they do not have one in real life) Then all of a sudden I see a huge black jaguar on their couch!! Much bigger than real ones, between normal jaguar size - and an SUV. I was scared and didnt move for a moment, and then I think it went after the golden retriever first. I grabbed the baby and waited for an opening to get upstairs while the jaguar was chasing the dog (there wasnt any blood or yelping, the jaguar never did get the dog) I ran upstairs holding the baby and headed for my room to hide. (yes going outside would have been a better idea but the animals were fighting infront of the door and it would be an easy climb from my window upstairs to the roof below it and then to the ground) Anyway I woke up before even getting to my room when the jaguar leaped over all the stairs and landed in the upstairs hallway.

The second dream was alot longer, a little creepy, but pretty enjoyable. I believe it started with myself and a friend in the woods in the north east, it was warm/cool out and getting dark, but not completely, we could still see very well. We walked a few feet down the hill and into a house or something, then we heard 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! outside the window and looked at each other like 'what the hell was that?' Then we went outside to check, there were about 30 to 50 little...creatures trying to get into a cave shaped hole in a tree near the ground, you know the arch two roots make when they split from the tree and go underground? The creatures looked like dwarfs from lord of the rings or snow white, kinf of ugly, but had on hats and colorful clothing like sprites (I play the video game Harvest Moon alot, which has harvest sprites who help you around the farm) Anyway they didnt all fit inside the tree, and my friend and I offered to help them, the next part is a little fuzzy, but at some point people started coming to the area we were in from the sky in what looked like hang gliders, but with skii-lift looking seats. There were three asian men in business suits who had light blue skin, the rest of the people were dressed like pilgrims or somthing, with pumpkins for heads/faces but could talk and were friendly. In the end my friend and I were in a house, someone was sick in bed, a rich pompousĀ 12 year old boy was cooking with a girl about his age in the kitchen, she was very impressed he knew how to cook, there was someone sick in bed (who they were cooking for) and a bunch of pumpkin head women were attracted to the sick man and flirting with him. THE END :D

I have no clue what any of this means, let me know what you think! :D
instantquack instantquack
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2013