What the Heck??

I have been having these dreams where the idea is the same, but the situations are different. Let me elaborate. I have been with my current boyfriend for almost 6 years, but I keep having these dreams that we are breaking up (face to face) or we have already broken up and I keep trying to call him on the phone or searching for a phone to try to call him and he won't talk to me. I keep calling his name and he avoids me. Also I have this dream that an ex-boyfriend of mine (from like 15 years ago) are breaking up and he won't tell me why and I keep chasing him around trying to talk to him and he won't. Then I've been having these dreams about me ex-husband being in my life. Which is a horrible thought consciously!! The really strange thing is that whenever I have the dreams about breaking up with my current boyfriend, either my ex-b/f or ex-hubby is there for me. There is never anything sexual in any of them, but these dreams are so vivid (in color and SO real) that they effect me emotionally after I am awake and can remember them for days like it actually happened!!! Sometimes I wake up and feel so horrible as if I had cheated. This has nothing to do with the scary, crazy dreams I have that I wake up scared or crying. That is a whole another 'Oprah' show...lol.

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1 Response Aug 22, 2008

yea well my girlfriend had a simular dream! she dreamt that i left her for someone else. maybe it calms you down a little bit, that your not the only one having that kind of dreams =)