This Old House

I'm currently living in the old family house.  The house is 150 years old.  It's been in the family forever.  I grew up in the house as well as my father, his mother, his mother's mother... etc.  People have also died in this house, peacefully and tragically. 

Last night I had experienced sleep paralysis.  Or was it?  I wake up (or I think that I am awake) but I can't move or speak.  I try to scream but I can't, I try to move but I can't.  This only happens in this house.  I use to experience it when I was a little girl here.  We moved way and it never happened again.  I moved away when I grew up and after some time away I moved back here to this house to save it and restore it.  Once again the dreams started.  They are strange and very frightning.  

Last night was the icing on the cake.  I 'woke' up but couldn't move.  I felt like something was holding me down.  I tried to scream but couldn't.  Something was touching me on my arm and holding my face.  I actually began to see myself lying there with my daughter next to me.  There was a black cloud like figure above the bed.  I finally began to panic and shouted out in my mind 'God help me'.  I awoke just like that.  I immediately sat up and felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off of me.  

This happens about 2-3 times a month and it is driving me crazy.  I've never had the experience I had last night with the touching and 'seeing', it freaked me out.  I come from a very religious family who think that I am just under too much stress.  I know what I felt and saw.  I've seen odd things, smelt things and felt things in this house that have made me feel many different things.  Its almost becoming part of the norm.


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Don't worry, i think it is very important that you woke up/was released after you screamed "God help me". Just pray when that happens. It won't have power over you. I don't think this has to do with astrotravel because you say somebody was holding you down. I believe a good idea would be to have a priest come to the house and bless it. I sometimes see strange things in my flat too, but after it is blessed (or in minor cases i just sprinkle holy water) it becomes a very peaceful and feels safe. I would also go to a nearby Catholic parish and offer a Mass for people who lived in the house - your family members. Maybe it's their way to ask you to hekp them. In that case, don't be afraid, just pray for them. <br />
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In any case, i believe this situation can be dealt with and i want to tell you, don't be afraid. I ba<x>se my opinion on a couple of personal experiences, on experiences of the people I know and some stories with modern-day saints (Padre Pio and saint Faustina are a good place to start if you want to read their stories), and the beliefs of Christians (about evil) and Catholic Church (about purgatory, which very smoothly explains so many people's encounters with ghosts)<br />
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My explanation? If it's not your imagination (i believe it isn't). It is either a demon trying to frighten you, influence you or a soul of someone from your family asking for help. In case number one, pray to God for protection, in case number two, pray for the souls of your relatives. In any case, praying is the solution. God bless.

OOh that is scary! I couldnt live in that house. Have you ever had any type of clergy come bless the house?

yes you where astrotraveling read sylvia browns book called life on the otherside it will tell you all about how to control the astrotraveling also you need to cleanse your home this book will tell you how to do it too she is a famouse psycic seen on the montel williams show and it will help you not be scared too good luck and God bless you