Am I Visiting An Alternate Reality?

Once again, I find myself visiting an alternate reality.

I’ve had vivid and outrageous dreams almost nightly, since I was a child. I have been accused, of being a daydreamer, as well. Perhaps, this should not be so surprising, since I have always had an active imagination. For someone like me, the line between fantasy and reality has always been a little "blurred".

I know that many people struggle to remember their dreams but that has never been a problem for me. I can recall most of mine, without any trouble at all. In fact, I can remember some of the most interesting ones (going back several years), even down to the smallest details. 

Over time, I have even learned to manipulate and take an active part in some of my dreams. It is a technique that is useful for getting out of nightmares, or guiding the dream to a desired outcome. I have often wondered, if there’s any one else who can do this.

Having such extraordinary dreams has been a bit of a blessing, as far as I am concerned. They have given me plenty of topics for conversation and they have contributed a fair amount of interesting material, for writing stories. Sometimes, I even hear music and I am inspired to write a song!

After all this time, I have been contemplating the possibility that my dreams are tying to tell me something. As intense as they are; they have never really been prophetic, or anything like that. I have never predicted future events, or had a conversation with the dead. So for me, they have been nothing more than a divine inspiration to create.

Hopefully, it is enough. 


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Your dreams do indeed mean something - but only retrospectively...They're not prophetic, or supernatural (like Josephs' Jacob) - but merely an unconscious movie. One whose meaning is only accessible via an interaction with conscious interpretation/ analysis. Geddit?

i have this one dream that when i have it im terrified that it will end and when it dose it always stops ant the same part i always dream it ,well mainly ,i do have odd dreams and i can control them well but that dream i dont know i just have no power over it . whenever i dream it i think "crap". i think it would be cool to use my dreams to creat things would be amazing . Sadly i have no artistic bone in my body. :P

apparently there are altinating universes! and if u do see into the future there is no garantee of that being the exacting out come, I rarely remember my dreams I wish I could.

This morning I realized there was an Orca sleeping on the sea wall next to my childhood house. I went out to take pictures and realized it's head was tattooed and had evenly spaced nails sticking out like that creature from a horror movie. It opened its eyes while I was standing in front of it, it had human looking eyes, then it just slid off the sea wall into the water and swam away. I dream vividly all the time. The most stunning things I have ever seen in this world were in dreams, and the most horrifyingly twisted. I too can fly or do the one footed leap to great heights in many dreams. It seemed like it took 5 years of practice to get good at flying or what I call "controlled hopping". Nice to see I'm not alone.

i too have very very vivid dreams, like im able to jump real high or even fly from one sequence to the next. in at least 80% of my dreams i can recall either helping people and or fighting some type of evil force with only my hands as weapons even to go as far as shooting some type of energy beam from my hands! i know it may sound crazy but... this has really intensified ever since i been learning and practicing tai chi and some forms of quigong meditation over the past several months! ive even dreamed of helping figures who were capable of changing there facial features ie: 20yr. old boy to a 30 yr. old woman to a 70 yr. old man etc... now tell me how weird is that!? it seems like every lucid dream i have its an all out adventure! (good and bad) but somehow i manage to guide my way thru it. im even starting to think that i have obe's while asleep cuz they seem sooo real!! im a very loving and caring person in my wake hours. especially now that ive been doing tai chi and quigong i feel more positive and empathetic towards poeple. i feel like i love diferent people from diffrent walks of life. good or bad. well thats just my story comment if you find this interesting, thanks and Peace to all.

Hey Kryss, God has been using me to interpret dreams for about 14 years. If you have a dream you feel is from The Lord which you want to know the meaning of just e-mail me. God bless you sister and take care. Patrick.

I once had a dream.But it felt...familiar...and was more like a fragment of memory of some past lifetime.I was running in a meadow,with these 6 people,3 guys and 3 girls.I was one in love with one of them,a tan girl.Then,the view shifted,and they were trapped somewhere and I was extremely depressed for some reason and i saw this "shadow man",laughing at me.When I woke up,I began to cry.That was the first time if been able to remember a dream that accurately,yet i keep thinking it's not a dream...

I am too daydreamer... and i have vivid dreams. I can control dreams sometimes and I think we are similar.Bu t some of my dreams comes true and some not, some dreams confuses me... .

I as well have freakishly vivd dreams, but sometimes, when there are people I'm asking to do something in my favor they seem to have their own mental capapbilities and I am in no control over them. I as well can recall a few dreams that I had from well over 10 years ago. I often pondered alternate realities, and I'm not discrediting it. But there are times when I feel after waking, that a large portion of my dreams were fueld by my personal desires and things I keep to myself. dreams are so damn wierd!

I love to read. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll look into it.<br />
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I don't know Ayleena.... I think I would remember you!

i have very vivid dreams and some times i can control myself and once i controlled others. there is a book where a girl has dreams like yours its called "yarrow" by Charles De Lint. maybe you should read it if you like the idea of the article.

I too have experienced these dreams within alternate realities, wouldn't it be fascinating if some of ours matched up to an extent? :D

Dream sharing? That's a new one. I've heard of people sharing a dream, I guess but I've never heard of anyone deliberately calling for assistance. Now that's cool!

Yep, it's lucid dreaming! I have had such vivid dreams I could feel the weight of and ob<x>ject or smell the breath of the lion dog sitting next to me! I also can manipulate my dreamscape, I can remove myself from it and rearrange the dreamscape and then get back into the dream itself. it's fun, but usually I just let the dream play out and try to figure out what it all means. I have also dream shared, and have been able to call for help via dreamshareing; that's how I found a mechanic for my Honda!

you have a lucid dreams, there's a LOT of people doing it (including myself since I can remember). sometimes it's usefull - and sometimes isn't to good to be the 'goddess' into m dreams. Also.. we can share them. did you??

I also have extremely odd and vivid dreams, i usually can't change the outcome during the dream, unless it's a nightmare, but if i think of something briefly before i fall asleep, i tend to dream of that..


It's nice to know there's someone out there who understands. I don't know anyone else who can do that.

I have very vivid dreams I can easily remember, and I can, like you describe, change or guide the outcomes... it must be something about the state of sleep you are in that allows your concious mind to intervene. Its quite interesting and yes, a handy skill for nightmares!