Different Personalites In Dreams.

I just had a dream about two boys in my class, both of them I've known since Primary school.

One of them; let's call him "Bob"; I used to have a crush on. I had gotten over him, but in my dream I was still very attracted to him, and his personality was completely different; instead of being rude, cheeky and funny, he was charming, kind and honest. We really got on well.

The other boy; let's call him "Bill"; is usually also very rude to me, always thinking that whenever I speak to him, I'm planting a trick, and is just always trying to show how superior he is to me. In this one, he was also very kind, gentle and funny, very keen to talk to me.

The dream was that "Bill" helped me stop this super-fast con-man (cheesy I know) on a school trip (we were in the tube) and everyone called me a hero.

Bill also did everything to stop Bob and me together.


 Can you help me understand it?

Beaaaaaaa Beaaaaaaa
13-15, F
Feb 18, 2010