Bbq Sauce And Stuff

The main thing people notice is that I like to mix barbaque sauce with my food. And I have to say: it was all good except for the banana slices. Although that wasn't too bad, it just tasted different. I usually don't eat that much, but there are days when I could eat for hours and not get full. And I like some kinds of food but not others that are made from the same things. Like, I enjoy ketchup but not tomatoes, i like grapes but not grape juice, and just stuff like that.
SethSigni SethSigni
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4 Responses Jan 10, 2011

I hate tomatoes in natural/raw form but like them every other way.
I don't like orange juice to drink but I like juice being sucked out of an orange.
Someone I know and babysat many years ago loved barbecue sauce on a lot of things when she was a child. I have had barbecue sauce on my veggie "chicken" nuggets and think it would be okay on fries but never tried that before.

Haha, Im the same way. And I can come up with some strange food combinations...

Believe me, I know. haha

BBQ sauce is ridiculously delicious!