My Strange Addiction To Starch

My first time eating corn starch was when Iwas 18 and pregnant with twins. Wasn't only starch I had a craving to eat starch and sniff pinesol. Had to be the real pinesol not the generic kind. I use to carry sandwich bags of cornstarch and lil bottle of pinesol. After my pregnancy this was no longer a craving but it had now become an addictive habit. By the age 23 I stop sniffing the pinesol but still had to have the starch. Now I'm 34 two pregnancies later and I'm still eating corn starch. As a matter of fact I'm eating it while typing. I like to get a half of teaspoon full put it n the side of my mouth on my teeth and crunch it til its desolved. I also change sides of my mouth with every scoop. I know this sounds a bit too much but I can't stop I've tried but no hope. Any suggestions?  
stylez34 stylez34
31-35, F
Jan 20, 2013