I'm female, a very young and fit 55 year old and work fulltime in Sydney's CBD, Australia.

Last April whilst at home (on annual leave from the office) I went to check our mailbox for post. I live in a complex of 10 villas and our communal post box area is outside the complex close to the pavement walk way.

As I approached the area, around 3 metres away, I was thrown to the ground with such a great force I landed flat on the ground hurting my face, my glasses pushed right into my head. I was left bleeding around my one eye, in so much pain it took me quite a while to get up and I was left quite shaken.

Two months later in June 2011, whilst walking from the station to my office this experience happened again. Three days later, the same week, walking from my office to the station the same experience.

I then thought I'd better see my doctor. This is all becoming pretty weird and very painful. Cuts on my forehead, and legs. Fortunately for me, in both cases in the city people did offer to help me and asked if I was alright.

My GP sent me to around 3 specialists, a CT scan, 24 hours heart-monitor equipment, blood tests, etc. All 100% healthy.

This experience has never happened to me before (even in my youth). It did happen to me and I find it difficult to explain.
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i have experienced this. i learned how to roll to minimize the damage. i was really hurt one time. unconsious with servere head contusion right above eye