Zombie Appendage

Please note, while this story is true, I am not at all serious about anything I write.

I awoke in the middle of the night acutely aware of a dull weight pressing my right arm down. It was not under my body or held down by any material force from what I could tell. I attempted to regain control and bring my hand upward but some force specifically around the wrist, was pressing further down against it. After a few minutes I regained control but was curious as I have never experienced this before. There are no ghosts in the house. Previous owners weren't murdered by a deranged lunatic as far as I know. There is no damp wall or entity attempting to gain control for purposes unknown but likely sinister. Just a dead arm that woke up several minutes after the rest of my body. The only anomaly being that I experienced no pins and needles as one might having suffocated a limb while in sleep mode. I assume there is some medical explanation otherwise, such as my limb wanted independence from the rest of my body. If you have any similar zombie appendage stories, you are welcome to share or any random remark will do.
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that's normal, sometimes our nerves / brain don't wake up all at once.. i am not a doc but have read something like that in the past..

Yes, you are likely correct :P