I don’t post often, but reading stuff on EP made me get an incredibly nasty fantasy, where hygiene goes out of the window.

My fantasy is basically to lay down in a bed, with a girl, and to forget that bathrooms even exist. You need to **** ? Just go on the sheets ! You need to **** ? Don’t get up, just go ! You want to wash ? Don’t, else you wouldn’t end up sticky and stinky with sweat ! Oh, the smell makes you want to puke ? Great, that’s what pillows are for !

So yeah. Completely and utterly destroying the very bed we lay on by letting go in it and never washing us, or it, and rolling in our own filth. Of course, we’d both be naked at all time, and constantly cuddling and/or having sex. Except we’d be soaking each other in **** while cuddling and having sex atop of piles of ****, and kissing atop of vomit-covered pillows. I reckon this would also make us sweat more, which is all the better.

But it gets even better. It’s not enough to turn an unprotected mattress into a reeking wet mess; it has to be topped by equally reeking wet people. So we’d be both free, at all times, to puke in each other’s mouth while kissing (swallowing not mandatory), to get up and take a **** on each other, to grind one another’s body (including but not limited to the face) with our feet, butts and other sexy parts of the body, etc…

This fantasy of mine is apparently here to stay, since I’ve been tinkering and enhancing it over a month now. For example, I thought about food; and what would be better, for two pigs such as us, to serve food by simply spilling it atop of the dried vomit on the pillows and just eat it there, face in it, with no plates or cutlery. And if a piece of meat or a slice of cake happens to travel from the general feeding zone to somewhere else in the bed, that’s good ! It’ll add to the messiness !

I also thought about putting my hand between her buttcheeks, to stroke her there and enjoy the warmth and smoothness of her feces-covered ***, and then simply wipe my hands on the blanket and her hair. Of course, this also means she’d be allowed to do the very same thing. And just think about the possibility when it comes to spooning.

Whenever food needs to be prepared or we must get up for any reason, we of course wouldn’t stop ******* and being disgusting; **** is good to boil pasta after all, and it’s fun to **** while cooking. Or if I need to go fetch a movie, I can always pop a squat and take a dump right here, in front of my DVDs.

And one last thing ; this whole thing would last a week or so. I’d stock up on movies to not get bored when cuddling. We’d probably start in our clothes and shoes, then progressively ditch them as time goes by, ending up entirely naked by the second day.

So… yeah. I have quite the nasty fantasy, I think. I hope it didn’t make you want to puke – or better, that it did and you enjoyed it !

P.S : And I wrote a novel again. Oh well. I feel like I should make shoutouts to Emmajones (she's half of the reason I got that fantasy in the first place) and kinkyfemme for inspiring me because it'd flatter them, but maybe that would be creepy. Oh well. I'm creepy anyway, so here they are : SHOUTOUTS !
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Aug 25, 2014