Want A Wedgie Girl

Im a normal sexually active man who enjoys normal sex w/ hot women. Nothing out of the norm there. But I do have another side I have not (or am afraid to approach the subject) explored yet- Ready? i REALLY want to engage in wedgie fetish play w/ a willing woman who enjoys the same. My preference- hanging wedgies. I dont want one, I want to give them. I fantisise about a  hottie who will let me hang her on something- A tree branch, a fence, an electric winch, by the back of her panties- or even her shorts/pants. To watch her hang there helplessly, un able to get down, even to the point where she pees herself, or has an ****** from the "rubbing" of her underwear up her crotch- is something I can only dream of. I go online all the time, looking for videos of women who get "hung up", and would LOVE tp meet a woman who wishes the same.  I'd be happy w/ a girl who will "hang" for/with me on "Skype".
josephrivett josephrivett
18-21, M
May 15, 2012