I Bet I Have More Than You

I'm not that fat of a person. But yeah I am fat. About 80-90 pounds overweight. But what I can't believe is how many and WHERE I have stretchmarks. The first time I noticed one was with my first child. Of course this happened on my lower stomach and grew all the way up to my belly button. Then my butt, then my upper legs, then not to mention he chesticles. Since having my second child the belly looks like Freddy got ahold of it. I'm talking stretchmarks on top of stretchmarks.
Then my weight really started going up being a mommy. My muscular arms got flabby and there's some on the backs of them.  And how I have some on the undersides of my legs behind the knee. The more I look the more I have and I'm not gaining anymore weight for the past two years. So yeah, i do believe I have more than you...and if not, I feel so sorry for you.
vachabeer vachabeer
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 28, 2011

I actually really like them. They are so sexy on a woman. If they are from carrying your children or from weight gain then that is ok. There nothing sexier than teasing a woman by tracing the stretchmarks on her body. It is so erotic to me. The more a woman has the more fun you can have tracing them. I love you big curvy women out there. So much better than those skinny women. So all you women out there that hate them, there are guys out there that actually lile them. A real man wouldn't judge you. He would accept all of you stretchmarks and all.

Aw that sucks. Most women have them though, heavy or not. They air brush them out of magazines to make us feel bad. Keep your chin up!