I Will Never Be Able To Wear A 2 Piece Again, Ever! & I'm Moving To Cali Soon, Its Going To Suck Being Around So Many Hot Girls.

It sucks only being 22 and not being able to wear a 2 piece. I'm married, and I have a kid but I'm not trying to be "the mom in the one piece" lol even though there is nothing wrong with a one piece, I have just yet to find one that would flatter me. I want to be the " hot mom" like when I'm in clothes. Everyone is always amazed out how I got my figure back and lost all my baby weight. But no one understands whats going on underneath this t-shirt. I HATE my stretch marks with a passion. I really need to get over my insercurities though, for myself, my husband and most importantly, for my daughter. I don't want her growing up with all types of body image issues because of me. She's only 1 now so I have a while to get it together, I hope.

Does anyone know of any cute bathing suit websites? I've tried victoria's secret but they are either fully covered or openings on the sides and middle which would reveal my hidious stretch marks. bleh!

OH yeah, I'm PCS'ing to Cali soon. Its going to suck being around so many hot girls.
xxusafwife xxusafwife
22-25, F
May 12, 2012