I Never Thought About It . . .

I don't remember ever being with out stretch marks. I never bothered me when i was younger, but it has started to now. Every day a woman finds something "wrong" with her outer shell that effects the inner being. I should know i find this and that and it weighs on you. Sometimes i look in the mirror and see these awesome marks of what my mother had told me were scars of womanhood, that thought was detoured by my some what mature brian when she complained about her stretch marks and it being her children's fault for damaging "the goods". She should have moisturized. But know that i am older, and semi-thinking about dating, i feel like this might prevent me from (along with other image issues) experiencing a relationship, thats healthy i might add. I have my moments where i think my mind has become liberated and i flash my stretch marks to the world and don't mind who sees it. The next day i regret it. I guess you could say it is a love hate relationship.
InspiredbyHair InspiredbyHair
18-21, F
May 18, 2012