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I have stretchmarks everywhere my butt, my thighs, my hips, my CALVES, my boobs...everywhere and I understand a lot of women have them from giving birth not me, never even been pregnant. I'm only 18 and have stretch marks since i was 13. It makes me self conscious, I don't wear low cut shirts and I don't wear shirts, and I definitely don't wear bikinis. I'm a decent size never been obese its just one of those things I guess.
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Me too, i have stretch marks too, I cant beat it so I joined it, I just gained a bit of weight so it doesn't look so horrible and so losing weight is no longer an option for me. LOL

Stretchmarks are sexy. You just need to accept them. They are a part of you now and will never go away. There are guys out there that think that they are sexy.

I think they are beautiful

Aww honey. You don't have to feel bad about that. You are beautiful in your own way. Those are usually genetic. But there are ways to reduce them and make them less visible. One is working out and a way to make them stop spreading out is by moisturizing a lot. But you shouldnt be covering up. Your only 18 you have the freedom to dress the way you want

Exactly, its just hard to convince myself sometimes ya know?...I should probably moisturize more, cocoa butter is a god send, theyre not like nasty purple anymore but I'm half mexican so I tan pretty easily so i'm all dark with white stretchmarks. wish they would tan too. lol

Oh wow. They were that bad? Hahahahahaha I'm mostly Mexican so I know what you mean lol

yeah they were disgusting.

That's not good :-/ you never went to get them checked at the doctor? You should do that. Do you exarcise?

I never thought about that, what would they do? Yes I run as much as I can but last week I could because I kept getting called into work.


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