Yep, That's Right

I could say it's because I had a baby, but the the truth is, I've had them since I was about 11 or 12. I was a little kid, and it was almost like I woke up one morning with C boobs! Then after that I just went 'WOOSH'! I know it wasn't literally over night, but fast enough to give me stretchmarks all over, and that's saying something I think. So I've had them almost my whole life. They are faded, but now I have new ones from my pregnancy that are red and I just hate them. As if I didn't have enough before. Lol It has to be the only thing I regret about my pregnancy.
FellidayaFiresong FellidayaFiresong
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

To me, stretchmarks on a woman have always made her seem “real” to me. Maybe it’s because I have always been attracted to real natural woman and not the fake, photoshopped, models everyone sees and thinks are normal and appealing. Maybe it’s that I also do associate them stretchmarks with pregnancy and find the miracle of childbirth amazing as well, but either way I think there is something special about stretchmarks on a woman.