Tons Of Them

Anyone who looks at my pics can tell I have tons of them. I mean I'm fairly fat so it isn't surprising.
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17 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Add me, :), I'll comment

Please add me

keep going :) so fun to have your belly sway as you walk... add me?

nice belly

add me please

Nope, not surprising at all. Cute belly :)

Add me ;)

I can u r fat

Hey, could you add me please, i cant do that :(

im 17 and gaining, 300 lbs. add me ?

Hi :). I can't add you, if you can add me, please do! Girls with a massive belly are so sexy. . .especially when they're covered in beautiful stretch marks, & they love to stuff & stretch their bellies with all the food they can hold!

Love to hear it! That'll grow your gut even more massive :). And, I removed the "block underage users" filter, so you can try again?

Bummer. Oh, well, I tried. Would have liked to be your friend :).

Yup that's me! :)

add me please you are beautiful

You're beautiful. work it!

Can you add me please?

can you add me?

how much do you weigh?

Add me please you look amazing

Thanks. If you fancy a chat then message me

hey can u add me?

you please

They look beautiful on you, though.

Won't let you what?