Earning Stripes

I learned that I have sensitive skin from when I was very young, and would get rashes and sorts of skin irritation quite quickly than normal people. I got my stretch marks when I was very young from when I had the slightest change in my body. The slightest gain or loss in weight would get me stretch marks, and I have them all over my body, tummy, behind the arms, behind my knees, hips, back, breasts, I mean, everywhere.

It has made me very self conscious, and has affected my choice of clothing. I haven't been pregnant, but my tummy looks like it has been. I have been desperate before in getting rid of them and had tried all sorts of creams for stretch marks. Now I'm sticking to my normal regimen in preventing further stretch marks (hopefully) from appearing by keeping my skin moisturized with belly butter.

I saw one episode of Oprah once where different women of different sizes posed I think for the brand Dove, to show that beauty comes in different ways, different sizes, colors, and even patterns. Somehow it has made me t think that my stretch marks are my battle scars. I earned my stripes by losing weight each time I gain some.
lonelydinosaur lonelydinosaur
26-30, F
Jan 21, 2013