They Are Worth It!

2 beautiful babies. enough said!!

allyKat allyKat
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3 Responses Jul 14, 2007

I have always loved them too. I suppose in moderation. If they covered every inch it could be disfiguring, but you look at a partner for the things you like, we all have things that are not pretty. First of all stretch marks on a woman's tummy tells me she loved enough to have a child for someone. That is so beautiful. I love tracing them with kisses. My wife had them that circled like up cupped hand around our babies. That was such a turn on. When she gained some weight and her tummy hung down while we were doing doggie, I would lean over and pretend she was pregnant again. I would get so hard and fall over the orgasmic edge when she was ready to be filled. and on breasts, mmmm. Saggy breast are the best, you can take them in your mouth while she is on top. So hot.

Gross...stretch marks aren't good...gald you can console yourself....

i have two babies too, and i still don't love my stretch marks. i wish i was one of those women who could.