I Have Stretch Marks

i am 23yrs old from australia and have had stretch marks since i was 15. they are on my shoulders and outer back near the armpits. they give me low self esteem and ibelieve my life would be different if they never existed. i am too afraid to find a women to be with me because of them and never go anywher shirtless. They make me feel suicidal at times but i guess they arn't a big deal but they just affect me mentally to much. ive had lasers on them and tried creams but i the end they do nothing, these people who advertise creams and cures don't promise results so ur walking into the unknown and there is 50/50 chance it will work. for me it didnt work and they are still red and i wont get my money back. anyway what worked the best for me was getting a tattoo believe it or not the tattoo cover the marks on my shoulder and made the surrounding few milimeters off stretch mark near the tattoo dissapper. so either the marks went cause off the tatt or because i left it alone, you see the other marks which dont have tatts covering them ive had laser treatments(fraxel) and others and they are worse and red. **** stretch marks.

petetang23 petetang23
Mar 3, 2009