Thunder Thighs

Haha yep thats what i call em. When I was a lot bigger my stretch marks were a pinkish color and really noticeable. they had never really bothered me before then but when i started to lose weight again they went back to the light silvery color. but, i now have new ones...on my stomach. it looks like i was pregnant and i hate them. i have stretch marks almost everywhere but eh what can i do?
RockYouBebeh RockYouBebeh
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6 Responses Sep 16, 2007

Don't ever got rid of them, they mean you have grown mature, are a women and ready and able to take a load, I would love to lock at you beautiful body anytime!!!!!!

eh i dont have money like that to throw away

I read somewhere that the you can get them repaired but you have a small window of opportunity in which to do it. Unfortunately it's when they are in there pinkish colored stage.

woooo! yea baby :) we need to hang out man

megan. we are going to make passionate love one day.

I know some people put some kind of butter lotion or some kind of lotion, but dont worry your face makes up for it.