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my story goes like this: I had never known about ear stretching till i met my best friend Kori. At the time she had in 4G. I was always amazed at how it looked the process it took to do it. well one day on my English 3 class i was goin through all her collection of plugs and ****. and i found a small plug about a 12 or 10 and i was like haha im going to stretch em Kori and she was like omg Eden you need to just do it do it, egging me on and so i did. she had always wanted my ears to be like hers but i never did it because i know my mom would freak out. but that day i was like the hell with what my mom thinks, im doing it!!! .I used a taper just to open the lobe up a bit then got em in. well long story short, i had not a clue as to go about stretching my ears. i used and did all the wrong things, skipped sizes and went to fast, so the end result was thinning lobs. I had got up to a 2G but only had them in for 2 weeks and then went to a 0G (stupid i know but like i said i was new to it and had no idea) so anyways, i had my 0's in for about 3 weeks and i had to take them out because they were migrating out pretty fast. well i took them out and my ears closed up the same day. I just now started stretching again and im using my 2nd holes to do it. its been bout 2 years since i was at that 0G. im starting up again and im doing it right. I went to a tattoo shop and talked to a trained piercer and he said my ears were in good shape to start stretching. So i went right to Hot Topic got some tapers and thats where it all started.
So now im at a 4G. I have been taking it very slow and using sea salt soaks and jojoha oil. So its weird that my left ear is now looking like its kinda thin and idk how it is because im being smart this time. i plan on waiting about 3 months between stretches..its so hard to do that but i know i need to. so if anyone has some tips or any advice i'd like to hear it!!
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Massage - Massage - Massage - with jojoba oil at least 4 times a day for healthy lobes.

you nearly have the same story as me, never knew my dad would freak out so much, havent told my mom yet but the hell with what they say, I really wanted this :D