I'm addicted to stretching my ears. I'm at a 00g now. I don't know if I should stop or go up to 7/16
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That duck face was unnecessary 😒

But we're at the same size, I learned that 00g is the best size because it's harder and more expensive to find bigger sizes. I like my 00g, I can still wear cute plugs and it not look overly ridiculous

That's an old pic lol....and I got a lot of compliments on that pic on ig. And yeah I like being at a 00g but I pretty much lost all my jewelry for it 😔😔😔 so I was like I might as well move up a size

It's easier and cheaper to stay the size you are. Besides your still young, if you stretch your ears too much, they won't be able to shrink properly if you ever want to stop, and trust me, at one point, you'll find out that not everyone will be accepting of them and you could lose a lot of opportunities because of it...at least with 00g, they still look normal as if you have a large earrings in.

Yeah that's true... I wanna be a homicide detective so I'm prolly gonna let them close up eventually. But whenever I take my plugs out you can barely tell that I have stretched ears

That's because of the size your at, it's still modest, and 00g does still close while keeping your ears intact.

I wouldn't go any higher. Go on eBay, but some new plugs and go from there, eBay is cheap and you'll get then within a week or so.

Yeahh I'll prolly do that or go to js jewelers. The dude there gives me free plugs sometimes

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