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Yep My Parents Are Really Strict

Well as you guys can tell from this group I do have really strict parents, my dad can not handle the idea that I am pregnant now, so as much as I love my boyfriend I really cant stand him at all, we just been dating for maybe two months if that, and he knows that I have cheated on him with another guy, I think this guy is the father of my baby, I would love to date him then the guy I am dating now, my mom really isn't happy with me at all, and I am grounded from a lot of things, I cant go out at all, my parents just don't trust me at all, not like I am all ready pregnant, so I cant you know get pregnant, so I just wish they would lighten up a bit,
jennylovestosmile jennylovestosmile 18-21, F 15 Responses Oct 25, 2011

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i totally understand. im 20 and my dad always says no. so i go to my mom but he gets mad at her.

I went to public school from kindergarten until tenth grade when I started online homeschooling with A Beka... I hate it by the way. We are Baptists and I have to wear skirts all the time and a cami secret or high shirt that doesn't show cleavage (I'm 16 now going into 11th grade), which I'm used to since I've had to all my life but when I got into middle school and high school I would walk to school before my dad woke up or get dropped off early and change to jeans that my mom bought me (parents are divorced, she's not baptist and I barely am at her house) because I was embarrassed of wearing skirts day after day. But now it's been a year since I've been in public school... I begged to leave because of minor bullying which was stupid because everyone gets bullied, and I went through a phase and dropped my friends and BFF and bad music and pants, and I'm so sad now I miss it all, especially hanging out with my friends. So not cool

Lol that's not bad if you ask me, my parents don't mind about what I watch or when I sleep but our religion is strict and their thinking of making me wear long skirts and those freaky ninja things u see Muslim women wearing (I'm British Muslim) and going out is FAAR away from what they excpect, Soz to take up ur time but just try and bond with them, do more chores and eventually they will realise your responsible and if that doesn't work, try save money and get an apartment :)

Having strict parents is a blessing. You'll appreciate it later in your life.

does she spank you ?

haha you need to read my stories

wow. it sounds like your parents are really strict. i am really sorry for u. i am 13 and i got to bed at 830 at weekdays and 900 at weekends! i really should be going to bed right about now. How u cope girl?

What are your spankings like Jenny do you mind talking about it?<br />

just read my stories

my dad use to check what we buy when we went out shopping for clothes and if he seen something he did not like an we back talked about it we got spanked and he took us back to the store to get something else omg it was embarassing

He ever brake anything bought that he didn't approve of? =o

Totally understand where you are coming from. bleh. ...i wasn't allowed to have caffine, watch tom'n'jerry or stayout when i was growing up amongst other things.<br />
<br />
Surprised alot of people when I went into the military straight out of highschool ....didn't surprise me one bit tho.

thats worse then my parents. mom wont let me wear a bikini

really so i guess u have a one piece

I think it isn't cool. Same question do you get spanked or did you in the past?<br />

I can't think of anything worse than to be that strict. Then maybe they don't want to think of you as being grown up and someday moving out. After all you are their little girl. Maybe thats what it is fear of you leaving someday.

i really would not know if that is true about them or not

My parents are not religious as in church-going, and were not overly strict about the way I dressed or wore my hair. Even drinking within reason (and the drinking age was 18 back then) was alright with them. I also knew that I could go to either mom or dad at any time with any problems or concerns I had and they would do their best to help me. That said, they helped pay for my college education and I lived at home most of the time through college because we were close enough for me to commute. I had a set curfew and bedtime (subject to adjustment ba<x>sed on my class and work schedules), as well as certain periods of time set aside for study and a regular list of chores around the house, until I finished college and got married when I was almost 24 years old. Sure, you could go out on your own at 18, and some kids are mature enough to make it work, but the majority are not through college-age and you should be happy that your parents care enough to provide the structure that you probably still need.

do you work? why dont you move out of the family home? you would have so much more indepence and freedom

we live in a small city, i could rent apartment but it takes years to get one what my friend told me, so i have no car i do work

Just out of curiosity regarding the reply above me, are you catholic?

yes i am catholic