My Parents Are Tooo Strict

My names steph and ive just turned 15 a few weeks ago. My parents are to strict. I feel like im in a prision at my home, they dont let me do anything fun, All that comes out of there mouths is NO NO and NO , thats all they say to like everything i want to do. One time i wanted to go to ONE DIRECTION like all the teeens were going and catching trians up with friends then i ask my parents if i can go on a train WITH FRIENDS !! BUT guess what they said No trains are to scummy and like freakin 8 year olds go on it by themseleves, ? and then they dont let me drrink or smoke , even though i still do behind there back , cause i wanna do stuff like that , but i cant barley cause THEY DONT LET ME LEAVE MY HOUSE , I HATE IT !! advise on how i can change them to be chilled ?
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4 Responses Mar 2, 2012

Challenge them...

15 is too young for drinking and smoking!Ask them to Cane you!Yes sounds severe,but it will change their attitude and allow you more Freedom and it is Biblical!(HEB12:6AND7)!!! !!! !

sorry to here you are still spanked, on regular basis ,but if they catch you smaoking or drinking it could be a lot worse , ,good luck

sorry your parents are strict. mine are to. I have a ton of rules and I cant do a lot either..