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I have written before about my parents be really strict. People have asked me about our house's rules and how things are for me. So here goes..
My rules are
Honor God
Respect and honor My parents.
Respect my Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents
Respect Adults.
Respect the Church
First time obedience. This means when I am told to do something, I have to do it
No lying
No cussing or the use of name calling
No violence
No back talk
No arguing with my parents. No means No
be respectful of My brother and his things
no arguing with my brother
Chores need to be done on time and done correctly
Abide by curfews to be home
Abide bedtime and wake up time
Respectful in classes and to My Aunt
Nothing lower than a B for a grade
Ask permission before going anywhere
No watching movies or tv shows unless approved

____________ So those are the house rules My brother has the same.
and then I have these things that I have to complete each week or I get disciplined

do daily devotional
No caffeine..I have ADHD and take medicine
Take medicine
set the table for dinner
fold laundry and put in rooms
room always cleaned up and bed made
feed dog
vacuum the house 2x's per week
Help prepare Sunday dinner
Homework completed by 7:00pm
lights out by 9:30 during the week and 10:30 on Friday and Saturday
Up each morning at 7:00
so that is pretty much it. There might be a few more things. In my house the discipline is getting spanked. Well I get my mouth washed out too. Sometimes I have to look up scriptures if I don't know why what I have done is wrong..but I pretty much know them by now:)
Also when I'm at Church I am to set a good example to other kids. I am always to show acceptance to others and never to judge anyone. Also during home school I am to do the best that I can, pay attention, do my work and follow the schedule.
So yeh it is a lot. I know my parents love me. I know they care about me. I know that they are training me to live a disciplined life. It is just hard for me at times. I get into mischief a lot. :) My Dad and Mom call me their strong willed child who tends to have a rebellious streak. I dunno Im just me:)
But good news!!! someone on here helped me soooooo much :) I was feeling kinda weird about having to pull down my pants and underwear with my dad. So I talked to my mom and she talked to my dad and now I just have to pull my pants down with him and once Im over his lap he will do the rest:) Im happy about that. But with my mom nothing is going to change I still have to do it. And when I asked about maybe other ways to discipline me...the answer was know this is the way we are raising you, we are the parents not you, and we are disciplining you within our beliefs. blaah blaah. and part of me wanted to say " But I just turned 13!!!!" but that would be breaking a rule:)
so that is it:)

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I was raised devout and with similar rules and frequent spankings. I remember being 13-yrs-old and feeling "too big" for panties-down punishments but I got spanked like that all thru high school.

I think this is great . I would love my parents to push me . I love my parents they care but im dyslexic so im not getting good marks :( i try very hard and get distracted very easily this is awful becaus i mess around and answer my teachers back thankyou for posting this it has helped me :) xx

Skyyler.. you know our families are exactly the same. Well, outside of my dad being the Pastor. Your dad is my Uncle:) You will make it lil cuz! I have and I'm older :p Luv ya ~ Bekka

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you family sounds similar to mine, maybe not as strict but similar