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hello all single mom here with three girls and one boy I am a very pro spanking mom, I was raised that way I had my but beat many times when I was about 3 it started and went until I was 21 then I left home. They are a good source for me and I love them for it, thanks for allowing me in the group, I would like to meet everyone and I will chat with anybody thanks hollyann
hollymom123 hollymom123
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Break the cycle if you know you are in a bad cycle.

hello Holly!<br />
me and my sister were raised in same way as you were, we both were being spanked till we were 13 and thenafter mother used to caned us till we were 20, always bare butt and sometime even infront of our brothers and cousins.

hollymom123 welcome to EP. I am so glad to see that you are not afraid to spank your children when they need it. How old are your children? How are they spanked? Look forwrd to reading your stories in the upcoming months. Once again welcome.