Theyre A Pain!

Sometimes they can be really strict with me over nothing. I still live at home which doesnt help I guess, but I cant move out while Im at college. I still get treated like Im 10 by them both.
I have no privacy at all, no lock on my door, my mum and dad barge in when they want to say something, my mum still tidies my room when Im not there and goes through my things!
I just feel like I have no space at all!!! Drives me crazy!
Worst of all they've told me if Im still going to be living at home with them I need to respect THEM and their privacy! lol
sarajgriffiths sarajgriffiths
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Hi Sara, your parents sound reasonable and are setting out the conditions and bondaries for you. it remains their home and their rules and while you may be over 18, that does not entitle you to the full freedom. I trust they also maintain discipline if you break the rules?

well sometimes parents dont really think their baby just grown up and things are not the same again and then treat you as if your just a toddler but im sure when you talk to them slowly they will understand finally you are no longer a baby but a young pretty woman and your mind is no longer the same when your a for now enjoy being treated like small kid and slowly talk to your parents and im sure they will give your space that you want...CHEERS.....

Do you still have a curfew and have to abide by their house rules? How do they discipline you when you disobey them?