Why Should I Care About What Ppl Think About Me,

I am 28 years old, live in the middle east. am totally different of oldest sister am active, social and responsible i don't give a **** about ppl but MOM does.

she thinks if I went out what ppl said about me, what my brother (who is younger, he is 22 years) thinks and he might be mad, what my oldest sis and her husband will say. what if the neighbors would say.

MOM I respect you and I respect your rules to be not late but what if i stayed with you forever what if I didn't get married what if what if what if.

should we have these argument all the time, that i don't give a **** what ppl said about me??
with your strict about what would they say am doing things never want to do.

MOM I appreciate that you have been take care of us that you raise us by ur self but i helped you in somehow, i helped you with your work when i should hanging out with my friends i never had boyfriend like girls do when I were in high school bout now am old lady now.

i have the rights to meet with guys to hanging out to have a permission to get late (a lil pit) without telling me what ppl think.

i get suffer of convince you, you have to be strong to not let ppl get involved in our life.

BROTHER i am not ugly girl and am not too old am not old fashion, boring or naïve girl so you should know that am normal and I might have my own life like you do.

what should i do with you if I am different that I want to live my life as i want, if i changed you will not like it you have seen it when it tried to became as you want.

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so do u think that is a bad think??


28, still at home... really?