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I am new here. Not sure what to write.

Mum and step dad are quite stict. I am not allowed out in the week, must stay in and do homework. Mum and dad are quite strict on my clothes. Usually stay in school uniform at night. Have to wear a dress when we go to church one or twice a month.

Mum usually buys clothes on-line and sometimes dad tells me to change if I am not wearing something he likes.

Will write more soon when I have found my way around this site.
beckyprice beckyprice
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Ha - sorry to say but I would agree with you parents !

Sorry to hear you only can wear dress or school uniforms. Mabee you can wear jeans sometimes,they are clothes you will be still lady like.

Hi Becky - hope you have now found your way round the site and are ready to share some experiences. Your parents sound strict but reasonable. Were the rules more apparent when your step dad took over or was it down to your Mum?

Love to chat some time. Add me if you like

Hi Becky I agree with your parents and your discipline, please e mail me and we can chat

I take it you enjoy spanking or being spanked lol. Nice hobby xx

Us that you on the photo? You look SUPER SWEET! GD on EP its a great help!

Strict is okay you just need to work round it lol Dress up for yourself in your own room u want a friend shout me anytime xx

Welcome to EP!

Welcome hun. Enjoy. You will find lors of people on here like you.

Thanks fo the message.