Papas Lesson

(I first write this story in august 2012)

I am typing this kneeling at my desk cos I cant sit down.

When Papa got home from city this evening we all had supper together but nobody said very much. I was still worried and fed up about going away to school and Mama and Papa were quiet.

After supper Papa tell me come to my study we have a little talk and he look at Mama so now I worry what will happen.

In study he sits behind desk and tell me sit in hard chair in front. He not shouting or raising voice. I know when Papa cross he is very quiet and speaks very slowly. He say to me that he and Mama had long talk last night about what I said to mama about school and going away and punishment and everything. He say I must learn to be grateful for all that I get and the good life we have. He say I am old enough to have responsibility and do what is right I should not complain. He tell me our sort of families have duty to do right thing and to do tradition. He say about Mama going to school and school he went to that he knew it was his duty and didnt complain.

Papa say I cant just stay going to village school 2 days a week and have governess and tutors at home I have too many things to learn if I am to be of use. He tells me all about sacrifices and what I must do and not complain. He tell me Mama very upset and sad now about what I said her yesterday and even I have tears in eyes I am so sorry I tell him because I am. I know now punishment is coming and saying sorry wont stop it.

Papa say he wants me to remember this lesson always so punishment will be severe. Now I am shaking in chair and really afraid I cant stop sobbing.

Papa tell me stand up take off shorts and panties I have to take off trainers too. I stand there with only tshirt on he says you know where cane is bring it to me. I never had to do this before and my knees are shaking as I walk to cubbord and take out cane I never held before. Papa says bring it here and I walk back to him standing by desk. He looks at me and I know he sees I have had wax and he can see more then ever but he says nothing.

Then Papa turns chair around and tells me kneel on chair and bend over back. This is new I am almost upside down and my bottom is right up in air. It is scary position what Papa can see.

Papa swishes cane 2 times and then tell me are you ready I can only just say yes Papa. Then first stroke comes I hear it whistle long time before hitting bottom. I cant help crying out it is like my bottom explode in pain worst ever. Papa say be quiet and take punishment you deserve as lesson to remind you. Then another swish and another burst of pain I try not to shout and just groan with pain. Then another and another and all bottom is on fire til I get six. I think that is it but I dont move until im told.

Papa say thats your usual 6 for punishment now you get another 6 strokes to remind you not to forget. I just say oh no Papa please but he say be quiet. Another stroke and my knees collapse now I know why I kneel on chair if standing on floor id fall down completely. Another stroke and now pain is so bad I cant even think or really feel it any more like it is happening to someone else and im watching it. Another 4 strokes and then Papa say now stand up but I cant let go of the chair it takes me about 5 minutes to straighten up and legs are shaky no strength in knees I have to lean on chair or desk. I just want to fall on the floor and die.

Papa tell me put clothes on and go to Mama say im sorry. When I put panties and shorts on I can tell bottom is very tender and maybe blood. I go to Mama in sitting room she know I been caned can see tears and how I walk. I say I sorry and dont want her to worry.

Then I just say goodnight and go to my room to write this. I took off clothes to look at bottom in mirror there is blood on panties and bottom is red and black and blue all over worst I ever seen. I cannot sit in chair to write this and pain is making me cry now if this was paper youd see teardrops.

I hate this!!! I want to run away I want to be on my own without pain and rules and responsibility and tradition. I don't think it fair at my age.

I am here naked because anything hurts my bottom I can just lie on bed and hope air will make it better in night. And now I am worried how long marks will be I go to Aunts house for annual holiday on saturday when Papa and Mama fly to london for olympic and then bahamas. Will I have to show cousin Natalka marks? Can I wear new bikini now with blood on bottom?
All i can do now is go bed.
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arent u kinda old to be spanked by your even older parents says here your over 70 why we beileve any of this your parents should be caned naked what awful pieces of sheet they are get outta of that house u should be glad you are going away to school get away from them

Wow, I only get spanked with the belt, and have no idea what the cane is like, and never want to find out, I hope he has never spanked you again, like that, and if he does, then you should run away, go to social services pr something, because this is terrible, I am pretty sure that it classes as abuse is there is blood, my dad/papa would never spank me till there was blood, he wouldn't ever spank me till there were bruises either, so, you should run away, far away from them, make sure to take clothes though, lol.

You do not understand. It is our culture and tradition in family. I cannot run away from my responsibilities or my ambitions. I must learn not to deserve punishment, then i will not be punished

I guess so, I have just never experienced something like that!

you are very lucky - i hope you never do.

Yeah, I hope I never do, however I do feel a little bit unloved,

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I feel so bad for you. not only were u abused but u were also humiliated which is a terrible combination. Dont worry there is always a ray of light in darkness and one day you will be free. Stay strong.

Wow that is awful! That would be classed as abuse here! What country are you from? I am so sorry you had to suffer that, that's not right! That's child abuse

woah that is terrible! here in australia your dad would get in soooo much trouble for doing that! its so fascinating to hear about what it's like in your country, but i also feel so sorry for you :(

it is how it is