Cant Stand My Family Right Now

Can not stand my family right now. they all are well im not gonna say it as you cant swear on here anyway because of the stupid stars that block swearing

but they so tight sometimes not understanding a mistake. but its ok my mum and dad can go rot and i wont do the course work in time i will do it when I CHOOSE! So what they gonna go mad big deal. i will take it and keep smiling at them.

oh and my sister is about 2 seconds away from getting a punch in the gob ....:((((((( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JennyRT JennyRT
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they take my stuff
they go through my secrets
my diary my book of screts with my dearest frined
they sift through my life looking for something to punish me for
they go through every email every kik every text every note

My Mum is strict, and very controlling. But I understand why. And do my best to do as she asks of me, because she needs someone in this life who doesnt cause her hassle!! And I know she is over protective of me because she doesnt want me to get hurt again.

yeah because she cares and worrys about you ... sometimes though they have to let go a bit. cant breath sometimes ;) good u understand

Yea I understand. And she will have to let go when I leave to go to uni!! There I will do loads of stuff she wont let me now, and she will understand that she cant control me!

no she cant from then on. you will be Free. you are soo lucky in that way

you will be free one day!! Just gotta stand up for yourself


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