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Dad and mum were raving with my sister this weekend because of some trouble with her collage. They have an old pair of plimsolls as dad calls it but mum calls it a slipper which they used on our bare bottoms. It can really hurt. Yesterday they showed me and my sister another 1 they have and it is massive like a XXL large size. It is really floppy but has a horrible thick band of rubber on the foot part. It would like cover half your bum.
My sister actually gulped and her eyes were just massive staring at it as she knew she was in trouble anyway. I was just glad I have not done anythin stupid and am in the good books so far!

Really felt bad for my sister as they were saying this is what is going to be used or the stick. The sound it made later was awfull and you can hear it where ever you are in the house. Dont know if they bought it on purpose or it was already in the house :( but its ugly and horrible to look at and even worse when it is used!!!
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Yes, a big sliper. The rubber sure does sting more than a old pair of flip flop. Sure gives a red bum for days.

Ask your parents if they feel strong and tough by hitting you and your sister. Also, ask them to explain their logical thought pattern for them to choose spanking as a punishment. If they ask why, tell them life isn't long enough to make all the mistakes in the world and you might as well start learning from theirs.

Poor sister!! did she tell you what it felt like? be careful you dont get it yourself.

yeah and heard lot of it. really horrible for her :(

ask her if it was as bad as cane!

it was different but we had slipper before loads of times but this is a bigger one. she said it made her feel sick and was bad in a different way.

yes i had slipper when i was younger about 8 years maybe 9 years but i think cane much worse pain last for days but slipper not even 1 day.

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I can never get my head around parents using a shoe to spank

me also but it dont matter as when it is on the bare bum you dont care it just hurts like mad!

ha well its not fluffy slippers this is like old gym shoe makes a mass impact on a bare bum and leaves deep red marks.

my mum and dad used to use their slippers for smacking. my dads was a lot worse than my mums. even my mums 'fluffy' slipper could hurt lol. they never used a plimsoll but it sounds bad i feel sorry for you and your sister.