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Forcibly ******** Nude For Girls,

This is a story that fit two categories. I have ******** for girls voluntarily many times because I find it so exciting. But it all started when I was only seventeen and was ******** and kept completely nude for nine straight hours in front of nearly two dozen of my friends, six of whom were girls my age and two were housewives in their thirties! I had joined the Explorer Scouts right after my seventeenth birthday and was on my first summer camp to northern Minnesota. I was tall for my age – 6 foot 1 inch and had started working out when I was fourteen so I was pretty well developed. However, my family was very straitlaced and when I was fifteen my mother signed me up for swim classes at the YMCA. The first day I was shocked to find all the boys were expected to swim nude so I dropped out! I had no other problems until our Explorer group went camping and everyone pretty much changed clothes in front of each other and went skinny dipping. I was very uncomfortable doing these things and worse was a small group of girl scouts went with us and the six of them with two mothers stayed in a camp pretty close to ours. To cut to the chase the old school bus that we borrowed from the church would only do about 50 miles an hour so the trip from southern Iowa to northern Minnesota took over eleven hours.. Everything was fine on the trip up and the week we spent camping out on the lake was fun but I was not used to skinny dipping or going to the bathroom in front others. There were twelve boys that were mostly my age or a little older and four “counselors” who were senior Scouts. The senior scouts were all 18 or 19 years old and a lot bigger than the rest of us. Also on the trip were two male Scoutmasters and two of the mothers from the troop and as an experiment the mothers brought along six Girl Scouts who were all between 15 and 18 years old. So, that meant four big counselor guys, thirteen young guys, two men, two mothers and six girls. All 27 of us were crammed in one of those short church type school buses and a big station wagon. One of the men drove the wagon with one of the moms and all our food and stuff. That left one of the men to drive the bus with the four counselors, thirteen boys, six girls and one of the mothers to chaperone. Unknown to me one of my so called friends had told nearly everyone how shy I was about changing clothes in front of them and especially nervous about not being seen going into the woods and dropping my pants so they made a plan to embarrass me on the return trip home. There was a large four foot by ten foot space behind the seats on the bus where we piled all the tents, backpacks and bedrolls. The pile was almost to the top of the seats and they somehow made sure all the seats were full and told me to sit on top of the packs at the back of the bus. I didn’t mind since it was like a big platform raised above everything else so I climbed up on the pile and we took off. There were no Interstates in those days and the driver was totally preoccupied herding the old bus down the road at a leisurely pace.
At 9AM we had been on the road for about an hour and the four counselors and three of four of the other senior guys came back and said they heard I was shy about undressing at the camp. I started to protest but any explanation was quickly cut off when the guys all grabbed me, a neckerchief was stuffed in my mouth and I was gagged with another neckerchief tied around my head. I didn’t know but everyone, including Mrs. Ferguson who was one of the mothers with us, and the driver, were in on the plot and other guys and girls all stood up in the aisle and on the seats to watch me “get taught a lesson” and even the girls were standing on the seats to watch what was going to happen. I couldn’t cry out now and even though I was pretty well built I had no chance against six or seven guys and I was held down by four of them while the others unlaced my shoes, pulled them off, then two of them unfastened my jeans and roughly depants me, leaving me pinned down in my t-shirt, underpants and white socks.
Everyone was laughing as my jeans were tossed up and down the bus from person to person. Just about the time Mrs. Ferguson (Judy) got up to supposedly see what was going one of the guys said, “keep going!, get his underpants too!” Just as Judy Ferguson came down the aisle two guys grabbed my underpants and even though I struggled they held my arms and easily pulled my underpants off completely. I was extremely embarrassed but strangely excited and my **** was already hard as my underpants were pulled off and I was horrified to see my friends laughing and tossing my underpants down the aisle person to person toward the front of the bus just like they were doing with my jeans!
Judy Ferguson got there right after my underpants were removed and she could easily see I was being held down on my back basically naked except for my socks. My t-shirt had been pulled up to my neck on purpose by the two guys holding my arms so I was nude from my neck to my ankles! My seven inch **** was standing up hard and pink and I had never been so embarrassed. Judy Ferguson was about 36 years old with big boobs and two of the boys on the bus were her sons. As Judy stood there staring at me her face turned pink and she just giggled and kept staring at me. As Judy stood there most of the other girls crowded around her and when they saw I was almost naked with my **** exposed they started giggling too and they all stood there staring at me and whispering that I was naked! I couldn’t say any thing with the gag in my mouth and I thought Judy was going to save me since she was the chaperon! Little did I know that this was as far as the prank had been planned to go. There were supposed to depants me, pull off my underwear and expose me basically nude for ten or fifteen minutes in front of everyone and then give my clothes back. But Mrs. Ferguson and the senior counselors had discussed another plan they really liked and they were about to put it in motion! Judy just kept looking up and down my body but mostly staring at my penis and she finally said, “mmmm, mmmm, and why are you boys taking Steve’s clothes off?” One of the boys said, “well, he said he was embarrassed changing his clothes back at camp so we depants him!” Several of the others including her sons said, “yeah, he thought he was too good for us!, he was afraid someone would see his little bottom when we went swimming or something!” One of the counselors said, “we thought we’d teach him a lesson and ***** him completely naked!” Another of the counselors said, “that’s right, we ought to ***** him down to his birthday suit!” With those remarks from the counselors of course others took up the chant, “yea, ***** him!, ***** him!, lets ***** Steve naked!”
Judy looked at me for a long time and most of the guys were waiting to see is if they were in trouble and if they had to give my clothes back. It seemed like an eternity before Judy finally said, “well, some of the counselors think we need to teach you a lesson Steve, you boys just hold him that way for a minute while I think of what to do!” I was starting to get scared because Judy let them hold me down almost naked in nothing but my socks and t-shirt for almost five minutes while all the girls and guys were staring at my **** and my balls! I noticed Mrs. Ferguson was smiling as she stared at me too! Mrs. Ferguson finally said, “if you all really want to teach him a lesson, why don’t you finish the job!” One the guys said, “what do you mean?” Judy looked me in the eye and said, “none of you can ever tell anyone about this but if you all agree we need to teach Steve a lesson raise your hands and I’ll let you ***** Steve completely nude, then when you get his t-shirt and his socks off you can tie him up so he has to stay completely nude if front of all of you!” Everyone was quiet for minute and I couldn’t believe it myself but Judy looked around at everyone and said, “Steve was afraid some of you would see him in his underwear or something, how do you think he will feel if you ***** him totally nude and keep him that way!? Do you like seeing how Steve looks now without any pants on?, would you all like to watch the guys ***** Steve completely and keep him nude so you all can look at him?, just raise your hands if you want to see Steve totally nude!” I was surprised the driver didn’t seem to hear it but the counselors all raised their hands and all the other boys and all the girls quickly raised their hands and started laughing, “oh yeah, ***** him!, ***** him all the way, get him nude!” Judy shushed them and said, “be a little quieter, I think it’s a good idea to teach him a lesson and you all agree, so you guys go ahead and ***** Steve completely naked while we watch!, John, you and Bill hold Steve’s legs and get his socks off, Jim and Frank, ***** off his t-shirt!”
I was laying down on the pile of packs already helpless but three other guys jumped up to help the four guys and they quickly manhandled me out of my remaining clothes and everyone watched me being ******** nude!, including Mrs. Ferguson!, my socks and t-shirt were quickly removed leaving me totally nude in front of everyone!
Mrs. Ferguson seemed to enjoy her control over my embarrassment and she said, “now we don’t want Steve to be able to cover himself with his hands so tie his hands together over his head and tie his wrists to that rail on the wall of the bus!”
Judy Ferguson seemed to enjoy seeing me nude every bit as much as the other girls and the guys were just delighted they were embarrassing me as they pulled my wrists above my head until my arms were extended and they tied my hands to the rail on the wall of the bus. I laid there totally nude in front of everyone and I felt my **** growing even bigger and I tried to squirm around and hide my **** by crossing my legs! The two counselors at my feet laughed at me and grabbed my legs and pulled them straight out so I was stretched out nude with my **** sticking up! The girls noticed my effort also and one of the girls said, “Mrs. Ferguson, can we tie his legs down or something so we can see him better?” Judy said, “we could, but first you should decide how long do you kids want to keep Steve nude?, ten minutes?, an hour?” One of the girls giggled and said, “I want to keep Steve nude as long as we can Mrs. Ferguson!, one her sons said, “how long do you think we should keep him nude Mom, can we keep him nude all day? The ball was rolling fast then and over half the guys and all the girls said, “yea, keep him nude all day, that will teach him and we’ll have fun looking at him and stuff”
I couldn’t believe it when Judy winked at me and said, “well, if you really want to teach him a lesson I agree with you!, I think you should keep Steve totally nude all day or until it gets dark!” But let’s just plan on keep him nude for the next two hours!, that’s when we have to stop for gas!, then maybe we can cover him up with a blanket or something while we’re in the gas station!, then I’ll think of a way you guys can keep Steve completely nude for the rest of the trip!, which will be after ten o’clock tonight!, do you want to do that?” The girls all clapped their hands and said, “ohhh, yes!, after it gets dark we can still see him in headlights of the other cars!! One of the girls said, “what about his legs?, can we tie his legs up so you guys don’t have to hold him?” Judy said, “Just a minute, if you want my advice and you really want to teach him a lesson you shouldn‘t tie his legs together!, you should spread his legs apart as far as you can and then tie them down that way!, with his legs wide open he can’t hide anything and you can all enjoy seeing every bit of Steve!” The girls eyes got big and they all said, “ohhhh yes, that’s a good idea! The guys just laughed and although I tried to resist I was helpless with my hands tied above my head and at least two guys grabbed each of my ankles and the four of them spread my legs apart while Judy directed them and everyone watched! When the guys had my legs spread pretty wide they stopped and looked at Judy and said, “how’s this Mrs. Ferguson?” By now it was obvious everyone was going to let Mrs. Ferguson decide exactly how much I was going to be humiliated and I could tell Judy Ferguson was enjoying herself and she said, “can you pull his legs open any more? I thought you wanted to teach him a lesson!, spread him out boys!, pull his legs apart as far as you can and hold him there for a minute!” They counselors laughed and pulled my legs open so far it hurt at first and they said, “is this better Mrs. Ferguson?” Mrs. Ferguson looked closely at my nude spread eagled position with my **** sticking up higher than ever and she said, “oh yes!, that’s much better boys!, hold him like that for a minute and let me think!” The guys held my legs open all the way while Mrs. Ferguson looked like she was looking for something. Suddenly Mrs. Ferguson said, “I know!, Frank, hand me that yellow bedroll of mine!” Frank was sitting beside me on the pile of bedrolls and packs and he grabbed the yellow bedroll and handed it to Mrs. Ferguson. Judy Ferguson then completed my humiliation when she said, “you all wanted to see Steve nude, do you really want to put Steve on display today?, do you see how hard his penis is?, do you think he’s embarrassed you can all see his penis!?, of course he is!, that’s what he most wanted to hide from all of you!” The girls were giggling at Mrs. Ferguson saying “penis” in front of them but it was obvious they wanted me embarrassed as much as possible then Mrs. Ferguson smiled at everyone and said, “besides his penis, what do you think he wanted to keep hidden?, his balls right!” The girls all giggled even harder and the guys mumbled, “yea, yea” Mrs. Ferguson voice was like velvet and she said, so, would you all like to put Steve’s penis and his balls really on display like never before, and display him that way for the rest of the day?, raise your hands again if you want to see Steve really on display!” My heart sank when everyone’s hand went up, even Mrs. Ferguson raised her hand and winked at me!! The girls all giggled and they said, “oh yes ma’m!, the guys just laughed and said, “you bet!, sure, that’s what he deserves!” Mrs. Ferguson said, “then you guys put his legs together and lift him up enough that I can put my bedroll under his bottom, then you can spread his legs open as far as they will go again and tie them down that way!, with this under his bare bottom it will raise his penis and balls up nice and high, that way you can all see his penis, his balls and even between his legs!” The guys laughed as they easily lifted my legs until my *** was up in the air! I remember I actually moaned as they lifted me up while Mrs. Ferguson placed the fat yellow bedroll under my *** cheeks and I flinched when I felt her hands touch my bottom and Mrs. Ferguson ran her hands around my bare *** for several minutes while she fussed with putting her 10 inch bedroll under my bare bottom.
Mrs. Ferguson finally was satisfied she had her knapsack perfectly placed under my *** she said, “now stretch him out and spread his legs wide open boys, don’t let him fight you!, if you want to teach him a lesson you have to spread him!, come on!, wide open!, pull his legs apart as far as you can and some of you hold his legs wide apart like that and the rest of you tie him down! The girls were watching every move and especially now that my hard **** was really exposed! I laid their helpless with my pelvis thrust up as four or five guys pulled my legs apart as far as they would go and I knew my balls were now also completely exposed to everyone!. When the guys had my legs spread apart until it hurt they held me down and tied my ankles to some heavy backpacks and they laughed at me and Frank said, “well Steve, I guess we can all see everything now!, how do you like your lesson?!” I could imagine how I looked, with Mrs. Ferguson’s bedroll under my bare bottom my pelvis and hard **** were thrust up almost a foot higher than the rest of my body and with my legs spread so far apart my penis and balls were totally on display and higher than any other part of my body!. Mrs. Ferguson stood there admiring my body and smiling at her success of exposing me so completely. The girls were all now either standing on the back seats or the aisle for a closer look and I thought I would die. Sunlight was streaming through the windows and there I was, gagged, and spread-eagled completely nude on the big platform of tents and bedrolls. I was unable to move an inch with my arms tied high above my head Judy’s bedroll under my bare *** lifting my pelvis up.
My legs were spread so wide it hurt at first and Judy knew that propping up my pelvis and spreading my legs wide open would make sure my hard penis and my balls were more than exposed, it was like I was displaying my penis and my balls on purpose! Anyone on the bus could now examine as much of my nude body as they wanted, and they did, taking turns to come to the back of the bus! They leaned over me, got up on the platform, some sat between my widespread legs, some sat beside me and stared at my nudity. Mrs. Ferguson and the girls were first, they got up on the platform with me and took turns sitting between my legs and climbed over and around me and were all around me, giggling and staring at me, especially at my penis and balls! Judy thanked the guys for their help and said they should check on me once in awhile to make sure I was still tied up good. A few of the guys stuck around, looking at me and laughing but most of them went back to their seats leaving me nude and tied. Judy was soon sitting between my legs and she stared at my penis and balls, smiled at me and said, “well, you don’t have much to hide now do you Steve?, You’re nice and hard and I can see everything you’ve got and so can all the girls!, this should teach you a lesson! Mrs. Ferguson then leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I really like seeing you nude Steve, you have a beautiful penis so I’m going to stay back here with the girls just so I can look at you, and remember, I agree with the kids who want to keep you nude all day!, I’m going to figure out a way to keep you nude all day!” Then she got up and said, “listen up everyone!, you can all come back and see Steve now that he is on display as much as you want today!, just leave the back seats beside Steve for the girls, I’ll stay here so remember, no touching! We’re teaching Steve a lesson so now that we have him totally nude I want you all to look as much as you want too, if fact I’m making it an assignment!, I want everyone of you to come back at least once every hour and see Steve on display for at least five minutes and if you girls want to climb up and sit close to Steve for an hour of so just help yourself! Well, that's what happened in the morning. If everyone likes my confession (because this is not just a story, it's what happened to me) I will write down what happened that rest of that day. You may think nothing else could have happened, that's what I thought at the time but I was wrong! The afternoon and evening were just as embarrassing - and exciting!
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Did this really hapoen? You remembered so much of what was said that it reads like a story.

Lesson done it's best

What an exciting way to "suffer"

I would have loved to see your **** and balls on display, the only boy i saw naked at school was Ken Preece he is well known now in the UK for having a very tiny penis.

I guess I didn't *** because I was so embarrassed at the time but I did *** later that night when I finally got home. I never told anyone about it because I was so embarrassed but yet it turned me on so much and I couldn't understand my feelings. Yes, I did fantasize about it many times in later years! It's probably why I have had several relationships with women where I allow them to ***** me naked while they are still dressed for an hour or so, sometimes longer. They finally ***** also so it makes it worthwhile! I plan to finish the story as soon as I have time. Suffice to say they did keep me completely naked until we were almost home and I was made to parade up and down the aisle of the bus several times. When the sun went down and it got dark they stood me up in the aisle, tied my wrists above my head to the baggage rails, spread my legs apart and tied my ankles to the seats on each side of the bus! It was an incredible turn on and several of them spanked me then later they fondled me in the dark so no one else could see they were doing it.

how did you keep from *******? i would have. judy and the girls that close to me, talking to me and stairing at me. great story. love to hear the rest. did you ever fantisize about it later in life?