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I believe that you should not have sex with somebody unless you love them. Now while that might not be the popular decision it's my personal beliefs and I stick to my beliefs. I'm a virgin and proud of it in no way shape or form do I try to shove my beliefs down peoples throats. in the past 3 days I've had 3 beautiful women want to have sex with me I respectfully declined there advances. I am not a homosexual male although many of my friends and family members question my decisions this is just my personal beliefs and I stand behind them. my name is Andrew and these are my personal beliefs.
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Great. There's nothing wrong with your beliefs. Thanks for being a decent guy.

Interesting to see a guy in today's day that is willing to do that. I personally believe in not even having sex before marriage, but your belief is still a good step above the rest.

Thank you 😊

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I like your beliefs :)

Very commendable choice. Hmmm. . . and I was going to make you my play bunny. Oh well. . I respect your choice. :0)

I concur! :D
Virgin & proud!

I agree and Im proud of you!

Thank you :)

Hey, I just saw one of your confessions, and I wanted to send you a message, but EP won't let me cause im underage. I wanted to tell you that please don't kill yourself! You're valuable and Im sure that you will someday meet a women that will make you happy. In fact, I will be your girlfriend if you promise me that you won't kill yourself. I mean, who knows? maybe 2014 is your year!

I agree with u, it's rediculous how people r going around having one night stands and going on about their day. It's sad how the world is now...they should still have it like it was long ago. No sex before marriage. My bf is the same way, I hate that we didnt get married before we got intimate but my life was screwed up before i met him and he changed it for the good. My plan was to wait for the right guy, get married and then do the I am with the right guy and he is one in a million, no doubt.

There needs to be more people like this. Sex should be between two people that love each other!!!!!!!!! :D

Thank you :)

I just want to say thank you to giving m hope that there really are guys like that out there<br />
<br />

thank you and I'm not the only 1 :)

I have such respect for you and I am certain it will pay off in the future, hold on to your morals x

Thank you :)

Wow.......i did not see that comming. Good for you. Good job. :)

I can relate to your story. It's hillarious when people ask "um do you like girls then?" just because I don't date for the hell of it. Or " but some guy must like you". 0_0 I'd only date someone if I really had a conncetion with them. Even then I wouldn't jump into bed with them. It that regard I'm rather old fashioned. The way I see it is I'm happy to be single the rest of my life. If someone makes me change my mind I'm open to that if not that's ok too. <br />
<br />
I try not to judge others with varying beliefs but don't appreciate peoples reactions when they find out my values.

You deserve a standing ovation for sharing that so openly. Most guys your age (group) boast/lie about how many chicks they "got with" in the past week/month. Good for you, I agree with your first statement.

thank you my new friend I appreciate you :)

Dear Andrew, <br />
<br />
This is not belief. Belief comes into existence when u don't know the fact. But, what u believe is the ultimate fact. Human is not animal. The love is special to human. The purpose of love is to create the feeling, binding, and at the end sex. In sex 90% lies in love. Since, the world ignored this fact, the world is suffering. So, if anyone wants a happy, peaceful and wholesome life, they should have sex only after finding the lover. As we do not know the facts, there are endless sexless marriages, endless perversions, endless craving.

I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially when you wrote "I believe that you should not have sex with somebody unless you love them." That is GOLD. I would never have sex with someone unless I am fully and totally in love with him, and know that I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

I totally respect that decision

There is nothing the matter with being a virgin. Holding out til you find the love of your life..beautiful!

Thank you :)

Good for you. I have different opinions on this matter that I feel suit me better, but I very much respect and admire anyone who sticks to their guns, especially when it is not the easier road, and having sex when you're in love is a beautiful thing. :)

My brothers told me they did not want to feel used, in that way either. N's and F's get<br />
that outlook from alot of self work, and high morals, and value systems. N's being intuitive,F's being feelers.

I guess I'm a feeler

i give you props for standing up about it...

That's funny, I used to have a boyfriend who's name's Andrew, a pastor's kid, also a virgin and pretty proud. He also has very strong beliefs, has backbone and stands up for himself and his beliefs. He is also waiting to marry someone he loves and then have sex. Which I can respect. I believed he had good values at first, but then I found he had girlfriends on the internet which he had cybersex with regularly, and he had them sent him pictures in underwear. Apparently that was okay for him according to his values and morals ;) tsk tsk

I am not a pastor's son I am the product of a single mother

Yes it's ok!

Good belief. Good luck. Don't ever mistake love from lust. Nor be misled, heart can be a good liar also.

I wish there was more guys who thought like you but unfortunately there is not! & we tend to ignore the ones as valueable as yourself

((( praying )))<br />
God will give us a pure heart for those who seek him.

i think this is pretty cool man.

Don't feel alone in Meyers Briggs tests which show personality trends out of the 16 types,4 types of men would not dishonor themselves for saying no to someone they do not love.

was INTP one of them?


I applaud you. Do not ever give in to peer pressure and stand up for your values and beliefs always. Your will power is commendable.

Thank you

You are your truth and when you respect your mind, body, and soul and the mind, body, and soul of those you know or will know in the future, you radiate the wisdom of your being.

thank you for your kind words :)

people should only do what they are comfortable with when it come to romantic endeavors so just follow your own morality.

Your beliefs are yours. As long as you are comfortable with your decision and it doesn't involve hurting anybody then it is good. You are an honorable man for standing up for your beliefs.

thank you I really appreciate it

Awesome that you stand up and stay strong. It is extremely commendable and i know you'll find someone as true and amazing as you to love.

Thank you